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    how to know if an article is original

    i order article below to writers and they write it for me but i want to know is there any free website to check if the content is original or unique ?

    i know copyscape but it check only if the article is copy or not ... i want something to check if the artcile has good quality or not ?

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    Sorry for the delayed response. So like you say, copyscape can check for you if the article has been reproduced anywhere. Sometimes on SEO Chat we get duplicated forum posts, and I can pick them up just by searching Google with a sentence or two in quotation marks. If you start seeing the same two sentences everywhere, check the links and you'll probably find that the article has been written before.

    As for quality...that's tricker. It's much more subjective, so it's not something that I would personally leave to a tool. WordPress purports to have a quality checker built into its blogging system, I believe. And there are some free tools you can find out there with a search.

    But ideally, I'd try and find a native language speaker to proofread the content for you. If you don't want to pay them, maybe there's a friend who will do it for you? Sit down with them and proofread it together. If your proofreader is willing, ask them to teach you what makes an article "good" or "bad." That way, you can pick out your good and bad writers with just a few samples. Over time you'll probably pick it up as you evaluate more and more people.

    That's just for language quality though. How interesting or compelling a piece of writing is...that's an entirely different type of quality assessment. And it's even MORE subjective. If you have a big audience, they'll usually let you know if something is good or bad. In order to get a grasp of that kind of metric, I really think you need a few people to read something and give you their opinion.

    At a newspaper, editors are trained to do this. And the writers themselves, because they write so much, often do this for each other. You could try seeking out high quality forex blogs - and by that I mean, find the ones that lots of people read and seem to enjoy following. Read their content, evaluate it, dissect it. You could get some insights into what people want to read and how content should be written to capture that audience.

    That's probably not the best answer but...just thought I'd share my thoughts. Hope some of that is helpful!
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    There is this tool I mentioned in the other article, it is Plagiarism Checker X, maybe you'd want to take a look at that.
    However, I wen through your article quickly and see nothing wrong with it.
    By all means, I'm not an expert so you might want to ask some professional if it really bugs you.
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    That wouldn't be my concern right now. The article is unreadable because the standard of English is rock bottom:

    "You could ask yourself if you should consider a Forex managed account services whereas learning to trade. There are welfares even in learning to trade by keeping a close eye on your forex managed account."


    If you are going to create an article that is going to rank Google will need to understand it and right now any bot can pick up the slew of grammar mistakes and general non-sensical nature. After that get some info graphics or images in there to break it up.

    Right now it is unreadable blah. Get the English right and it becomes blah. You need something more to set this apart because people with more authority than you who are better known in the industry have already answered the question "Are Forex Managed Account Services Correct For You " ... just look who ranks when you search the phrase ...

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