For my other department, we watched a Buzzsumo webinar that I thought others here might be interested in: Knowledge Base

Give 'er a listen while you work. "Content Amplification," as they call it, is kind of a buzz word for "getting your content out in front of the right audience." I think the opening presenter states it pretty well: it's not always enough to just create content (as awesome as it is) and expect it to be found. Sometimes you have to take it out and get it in front of people so it can be spread.

Research put forth by the opening presenter indicates that most WordPress articles/blog posts get very few shares. According to them, an average share number is 257...but the median is 8 or less.

The main presentation goes into three methods of marketing: Paid, Earned, and Owned.

Paid: PPC, ads on social media platforms, sponsorships, etc.

Earned: Word of mouth, guest blogging, being included in curated platforms, being shared by influences, being found naturally through search, social media, etc.

Owned: Putting your content up on your own website, social media, doing your own email marketing, etc.

There's some other advice there. I think our senior member-base will find this to be kind of basic, but it could still be interesting. For newbies, I thought this was a good "birds-eye view" onto some different options for promoting your content.