I am not sure if this is a unique problem of mine: I have a webshop and blog at the same domain. Niche area (music industry, focus on media composers/musician, downloadable products, purchases are triggered by emotions rather than problems awareness, kind of lifestyle products), some hundreds visitors a day after 1.5 a year, but most of them lands on the blog and reads articles there. Articles have links to products, all have a usp and the products are not available anywhere else.

Blog content is made around keyword but more around thematic topics, following the latest seo trends. For some niche keyword the site ranks quite well, but it is not in the SERP for the main and most competitive ones. The main point it tries to be educative, entertaining, so overall offering value. The blog articles are quite popular and shared, yet they seem to cannibalize the shop content, so a very few purchases made from blog clickthroughs.

However, when I release a new product and the buzz is happening around the product, they sell well for around 2-3 weeks, then fade out (marketing is intermittent, not everyday task.) to sporadic purchases.

Customers love the products as well, I rarely get less than 5 star reviews.

Any better way to convert readers to buyers?

More time? More articles? More brand-building?

I'd like to hear your experience about this.