We are questioning the benefits and negative effects of uploading our entire “learning center” content along with our company news, and other articles into a blog. The content would mostly be our how to type articles for novice hobbyist using our products. The blog would be created using word press and designed to look like our current learning center on our website, and seamlessly link between our site and the blog so that the user can access our e commerce site without even realizing their leaving the blog. The main reason we are thinking about doing this is that word press allows us to easily maintain and upkeep the content (multiple links, embedding, and so on) and also allows our content to become more interactive and social. Sense the blog would be on a completely separate domain then our e commerce site we are questioning how this will affect our SEO rankings and traffic of our already flourishing e commerce site? Also beyond the SEO effect, are there other concerns we should have for a separate domain blog?