Hi all

not posted for a very long time, but this is driving me insane.

For some reason, Bing has decided to show one of my sites as "V1 - Official Site" in their SERPs, which would be fine for brand term searches, but it's also showing for keyword searches so is probably negatively affecting clickthrough because it's surrounded by sites that contain the search term.

The term "V1 - Official site" does not appear anywhere in the website (including title, meta etc)
None of the incoming links have that as anchor text (or even the term official) according to Moz/Majestic/BingWMT
There is a noodp/noydir robots directive on the site (and neither of those refer to it as such anyway)

So the question is. What am I missing? Where on earth could Bing be getting this from?

Here's a screenshot so you can see exactly what I mean

any help gratefully received as this is driving me nuts

thanks all