Today, SEOmoz blog submitted one great blog post on Bing webmaster tools update.

I also read similar subject blog post on Bing community.

Google & Bing are going to be more fancy as well as social. Both search engines are working hard to provide maximum data after each search to users. User interface will be interesting & more powerful compare to previous one.

But, I have very silly question for it. I have access of Google webmaster tools as well as Bing webmaster tools.

Randfish suggested that, on page stuff + social media presence are more powerful in latest trend. But, which data is quite important & dominating to use during on page stuff.

To get higher rank on Google as well as Bing with similar stuff is quite complicated. [This is my personal experience | I am looking forward for inputs on this stuff.]

Bing is also work hard with different attractive stuff like Bing social, Bing Rewards, Schema, Meta data markup and many more.

So, what is final conclusion for it? How SEO guys define alternative ways which gives us best performance on both search engines?

Social presence require long work out + organic presence requite specific on page as well as quality link value.

Now a days, SEO guys are also focusing on Page authority & domain authority due to SEOmoz bar. [My clients are also asking me How to increase these data?]

Right now, with one website we have lot of stuff to get it done as well as performance pressure is always there.

I want to draft one specific SEO process or guidelines which can help us to establish good social branding as well as good organic presence.

I am looking forward for inputs from all members of SEOChat forums. Thanks!!