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    No hits? Scratching my head. Please help.

    Hi all,

    Newbie here... I did a niche keyword PHRASE research consisting of 5 words, like "whattodoin(mynichecity)" the keyword tool showed that there were 70,000 monthly searches for this phrase with LOW competition, and there were no other domains active with this phrase. So I registered a domain and made the URL exactly like that phrase.

    I thought that in Yahoo search my URL would be on the first page, or even at the top, but I its nowhere to be seen after I made a Yahoo search with this phrase. I made sure the title had this phrase, meta keywords, meta tags, and the H1 header had this phrase too... but no such luck.

    I am missing something here? When I search "site:www.(mysite).net" (its a .net) it shows up, so Yahoo crawled it.

    Any idea? My tracker tool doesn't show any hits. (but it 100 %works) Please help, I though I should be ranking on top, since Yahoo normally shows URL's with unique phrases at the top. Thank you.
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    Originally Posted by automaton
    Hi all,

    Newbie here... I did a niche keyword PHRASE research consisting of 5 words, like "whattodoin(mynichecity)" the keyword tool showed that there were 70,000 monthly searches for this phrase with LOW competition
    Did you click on exact match? sounds like a broad match to me.

    Also focus on google, forget yahoo.

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    Originally Posted by fastinglife
    I am agreed with DarrenHaye.

    Suppose, you are targeting abc.com domain so you bought abc.net domain... This thing will not work but if you choose abcd.com then Yahoo and Bing will rank your domain. If you want to rank your website in yahoo and Bing then you should think very wisely before buying any domain..
    This has nothing to do with the domain, extension or search engine, its because this new random domain/site that no one knows about has no links or authority!

    And from the sounds of the OP (I mean no offence by this) its also likely to have either poor quality content or duplicate content from other sites.

    automaton, you need to learn about SEO, simply buying a keyword domain will not get you to rank, you need quality content to build authoritative links to in order to rank.

    Its quite likely that the local website's' for your area (your gov website etc) will have information about what you can do in the area. And that's pretty much guaranteed to have some very good links pointing to it!

    Make a start on learning about SEO by reading the stickies on here, articles and valuable threads by the members here with good amounts of respect (the numbers and green bars to the right of each persons post).

    That way you should gain an understanding of SEO, because currently you seem to know nothing or at least very very little (again no offence meant).

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    • Darrin Ward agrees : Agreed. Even exact matches don't rank well on brand new domains. Some establishing is required.
    • Test-ok agrees : It's not as easy as many think.
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