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    You want to rank on Yahoo, ok. Here are some pointers....

    First concentrate on ranking for google first. Then Bing should naturally follow. Since Yahoo uses Bing, you will soon have better Yahoo rankings..

    1. Use approx. 7 words in title. Use as many keyword phrases as possible without being spammy. Keep lenght to 65 characters or less. There are exceptions to this rule. If all your competitors have on average 9 words in title you should use 9 words. I am talking about the TOP TEN COMPETITORS ONLY !
    2. Don't concentrate to much on metatag keyword
    3. Your desciption should be as keyword rich as possible with out being spammy. Again look at the TOP TEN COMPETITORS for clues.
    4. Use only 1 H1 tag per page. Think of it this way. Remember how you did outlines in school. Major heading, then Major sub-headings then categories. H1 for the one major heading, H2 for major sub-headings finally h3 for categories. You could take this further for h4 thru h6.
    5.Use <b> and <i> tags to emphasize your keyword phrases, but not just keywords only, Use LSI, (Latent Semantic Indexing) and it means words like the your keywords but words that help put the keyword in some sort of context. Example would be -- Refurbished Mercedes actually means a used car. So if you site is about used cars, then refurbished vehicles would also be a lsi keyword. You can use <strong> but this tag works better on G.
    6.Use your top 10 competitors as a yard stick, Ok? If they have 600 words on average between them you should probably start out with say 500 and go from there.
    7. Examine their backlink profile, then try to get backlinks from same quality source.. Notice I said "Same Quality Sources". Obviously don't go out and get a bunch of crappy links from bad sites. They will not help and most likely will hurt you.
    8.Use keywords in your website directory structure. Again don't go overboard with this. Examine your competitors, and learn from them.
    9.Everypage has a purpose, don't overload a page. It is not practical nor possible to have a single page optimized for each and every single keyword you want. If it were, you wouldn't have sites with multiple webpages.
    10. Rinse and repeat 1 thru 9 for each page in your site.

    Now after you have done that. Create a sitemap and submit it to G and B. You will find out when you submit to B you automatically submit to Yahoo. As a matter of fact try to submit to yahoo, and watch yourself get redirected to Bing.

    Goto and click on Submit Your Site for Free: then watch what happens .....
    Welcom to
    So forget doing for Yahoo, do for Bing and you get Yahoo automatically......

    Some additional points of interest....

    Imagine a web page as a sheet of notebook paper 8.5 x 11. Now overlay a hugh letter F on top of that. Where the letter covers the page is where most people will be looking. You can search this on the web if you don't believe me. It really is true. Now try to design your content's most important info around this Letter F.

    A 2 col. design is better then 3, (statistical studies)
    Avoid sitewide links as a general rule, unless you know the exceptions.
    Don't link to sites that are off topic. (rule of thumb)
    Don't participate at Link Exchange Sites.

    When you create backlinks use a 60/40 split, since release of Panda and Penguin. As a rule 60 % of your backlinks should be non-keyword. Otherwise you may get smacked by the Penguin, why am I talking about this, well face it.

    Google gets approx. 66% of searches
    Bing gets approx. 20% of searches
    Yahoo gets approx. 15% of searches

    You lose Google as a supplier of visitors, you may as well just take the site down.
    Here to Help, Nothing More.....
    Good SEO isn't Cheap and Cheap SEO isn't Good !!
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    yahoo process is bit slow... and don't give weight-age readily to the site, so it quite harder to obtained ranking for it...
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