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    Exact Matchs & Singular & Plurals & Repetitions

    BING uses exact or near match for on page optimisation right? But what about repetitive exact match terms. Is this allowed? I cannot find anything against it, but neither much for it from great sources. With everything else being correctly optimised, I want to know what my options are*

    Can you add keywords that are EXACT MATCH in singular and plural for the same page? The client objection is that it creates a LOT OF REPETITIONS.

    imagined keywords i.e.: Delicious Pizza New York, Delicious Pizzas New York, Delicious Pasta New York, Delicious Pastas New York

    Second, there's 2 schools of thought about the optimised character length. Most say 150 characters. Some say up to 255. What have you found?

    *Page is optimised for SERP result that matches the title, headers and description. Your site structure and content silos aid this. In essence, the major difference for BING is exact or near exact match. Related meaning / synonyms which Google uses, you might need to throw in keywords to help BING categorise the page.
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    Originally Posted by phunky
    The client objection is that it creates a LOT OF REPETITIONS
    The client? That tells me your charging for seo and your asking these questions? You should already know the answer if your taking on clients
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    Tom, did you read the post? There isn't a RECENT RELIABLE ARTICLE covering this matter. Last time BING said something about this was in 2014.

    BING said (i added bold): .........Today, itís pretty clear the meta keyword tag is dead in terms of SEO value. Sure, it might have value for contextual ad systems or serve as a signal to bots plying the web looking for topics to target, but as far as search goes, that tag flat lined years ago as a booster

    Search engines admit and omit two different things.Okay, not a BOOSTER but it is not said it is not taken into account. It does help indexing with bots .:effects pages appear in ranks right?

    Experience has taught me it is right, but used very sparingly. You get traffic from Yahoo which likes keyword tags. It aids, in-house optimisation of pages for BING ad campaigns, using them is good for Yahoo. I personally prefer no more than 4 exact phrases under 150 characters.

    I know it is not a big ranking factor for BING. The subject was even missed off some heavyweight forums

    I noted that BING ads auto includes plural when singular keywords are added unless specified otherwise. In the past 4 years there is nothing saying the contrary, at least not with hard data

    So, sine scientia ars nihil est
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