I have a domain that was fortunately never banned from Yahoo, yet it is presently not getting any traffic from there ever since I removed all my script-generated "rankingpower" pages from my site months ago. I also did an extreme makeover of the entire site. It was still getting some yahoo traffic mostly via doorway pages at the time I removed them.

When I do a yahoo search for site:www.beyourowndetective.com I see there are still a bunch of long dead links in their index to the doorway pages that I removed almost 6 months ago. They are mixed in with my good links.

Could these dead links in my Yahoo backlinks be my problem? How do I get rid of them? Yahoo has been spidering my site but they never seem to update their site:www links.

I was using a custom 404 redirect back to my homepage in .htaccess but I decided to turn it off so that a bad link gives you a standard 404 error page. I have been adding lots of original content and a wordpress blog.

My domain in question is in my Profile.