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    Bypassing Yahoo Penalty Filter

    I wanted to start a thread on what people are seeing that triggers the Yahoo penalty filter or ways to bypass it or lift the penalty. Things unusual you may have spotted. Tell us what you think is going wrong.

    Some things I am seeing.

    1. They’re going after duplicate content.
    2. They seem to be counting the number of links on a site to flag for a penalty.
    3. One particular PFI Company seems to be the subject of a lot of complaints.
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    I really haven't seen much of anything really. I know the SERPS can be pretty different between Yahoo and Google, but as far as penalties, cloaking, duped content, stuffed keyword density appear to be it...in other words, nothing that would trigger a run for my tin foil hat.

    Which PFI company is getting a lot of complaints? I used Inktomi a la Lycos for a few of my URLs a while back, and haven't noticed any problems.

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    I had previously thought that MIRROW sites was a real killer at yahoo ... but NOW i see a MIRROW site that had dissappeared for about a week .... show back up and rank top 5 ..... it is PLAIN OLD FASHIONED 100% lay down smack dab duplicate site .... exact mirrow with different domain name ....

    since it showed back up .... after dissappearing after a week or two at least .... i think we can assume it was REMOVED from some blacklist ..... but how cold they remove a clear mirrow from the blacklist manually?? are the reviewers that dumb??

    also, it is the morrow, not the MAIN site that showed back up ....

    the best guess i can make is they signed up for the pay per click deal and got back in .... we have had resellers tell us that is how to do it ....
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