public service announcement / rant

Old shopping carts freaking suck! Everytime I deal with a yahoo store or a network solutions store...I get so frustrated.

So, wanted to share a gotcha that I ran into with network solutions for anyone trying to update to universal
tracking code or use GTM... you can't!

I was working on a site where the network solutions cart is on the subdomain. I wanted to update to
universal tracking code..that was not possible because you could not add that type of code into the little
box that they provide. I then tried to circumvent that by using GTM site wide and putting in there by placing
the code in the header instead of the little box.... when you do that, you lose the data layer for your ecommerce

For the few customers out there using this oooooold cart and you have not upgraded, know that you're stuck
with the ga.js tracking code and cannot use analytics. js or GTM

Replatforming sucks and of course there is the SEO risk ... but for some of these older carts (net sol, yahoo store, etc)
, its hard to bring your digital marketing game into the modern era because of these silly ancient-unsupported-cart limitiations