I've been stuck on this on and off for a week and tried a number of things, so haaalp

Basically, because i'm using an SPA I have to trigger virtual pageviews via data layer to gtm for each step in the step UI i'm trying to track
for a conversion funnel. The virtual pageviews work find in terms of all of the standard reports and all testing with tag assistant and
GTM preview mode check outs BUT I can get the goals to record with virtual page views. I've set up events, so I at least have goal
tracking but as you guys may know, with event based goals, you can't use funnels.

Anyone have an idea on what the issue may be here?
The only thing i'm thinking is that for goal, passing just the page URI (e.g.: virtual/some-page)
and the page title (page title) may not be enough...maybe something is missing, maybe I need hostname or something for
goals to work??

I'm open to trying anything, just need to be pointed in a direction....