I have a publishing website that has more than 50 category pages that leads to multiple subpages that has links to thousands of articles.

The category page and subcategory page has the main topic in the URL, but for the 1000s of article pages the main topic is not in the URL so I can't track article pages to tie it into what main category it came from. The articles are just domain.com/headline-of-article.

I have ads on the pages, so if a manager asks for a report for pageviews for an ad that showed up on a category page + subcategory page + related article page (without the main topic in the URL) how would I go about doing this?

I know Google Analytics has goal funnels, but of course there is a limit and I can't keep creating thousands of funnels especially when new content for articles are being produced every day.

Omniture SiteCatalyst / Adobe Analytics could probably track funnels without me having to create each funnel, but this is very expensive.

Is there a way to automatically track ads showing up on a page starting from the main category > Subcategory > articles (that don't have the main category in the URL) using other software or tagging system? Maybe there is a way to do it in the free version of Google Analytics, but I'm not sure?

Any help with this would be appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!!