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    Is Google Analytics Showing Faulty Data?

    Howdy friends!

    As per Google Analytics, all of my site's traffic had a HUGE drop yesterday...it is showing that traffic has gone down by more than 1/4th of what it was day before yesterday.

    Is it just me...or anyone else experienced the same as well?..I am yet to panic at this...and hoping that this is a temporary glitch in Google Analytics [which is not so rare after all]

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    I've not noticed anything untoward on my sites. How does the GA results compare with the stats on your server (assuming you have access to them)?
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    sorry but I don't have access to their raw server logs...have checked 4-5 sites and all of them have the same level of drops.

    This is really strange....wondering if Indian IPs have got anything to do with it [wild guess]
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    Google analytic data has NEVER been accurate!

    I posted this a while back on Google Group for analytics, but no one from Google responded:
    When I compare the stats from Google Analytics and the stats I get
    from Urchin via my host, why are there so many large differences
    between the two? (eg duration of time spent on site according to
    Google analytics is twice that I get from the hosts stats package!)

    Why, when I do a search for a string of words looking for something on
    my site that is so unique that there is no remote possibility of
    anyone coming close to using that string of word, does Google
    analytics tell me that there were 23 searches in that month for that
    keyword string? ... it is just not possible.

    How can I believe anything that Google analytics is telling me in the
    context of that major inaccuracy? Is it really that bad?
    The site is a forum, if I search for a few keywords from a post i am looking for, the username I know posted the post and use the site: command, Google always tells me that there is at least 10-20 searches for that phrase ... its just impossible. (eg of search phrase: word1 word2 word3 username site:http//:url.com ... how can anyone (let alone 10-20 people) also use that phrase in the same month (and again the following month)????
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    there is always going to be a difference between raw server logs and an executed .js file.

    i have noticed this for years. i would disagree with the statement that Google Analytics has NEVER been accurate... they are accurated based on what is triggering the .js script.

    GA tracks almost everything that triggers that script...
    compareed to a raw data server log you are bound to have soem differences... i also have WebTrends .js script installed on my site as well using SDC SmartTags and there is even a difference between the two ...

    thats what comparison and contrasting is for... i would recommend using an alternate analysis tool and view the differences, using the same method .. i.e. the .js file
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    There have been a few reports of similar (faulty/missing data in GA) from a couple of days ago.
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    PayPal sends people to thanks.htm on successful completion of an order. On thanks.htm there is the correct analytics script. Google reports fewer than half as many hits as my awstats. Awstats roughly agrees with the actual number of orders placed. Analytics is in complete la-la land.

    Which brings me to the real reason for my post. I have a new site which is taking a huge effort. Its really depressing to see the results of all that effort whenever I look at the analytics. Today I checked the stats via awstats. Depression gone.

    The question to you guys is:

    Just how reliable is Google Analytics anyway? Whats your experience?

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