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    eCommerce site with 1.5% bounce rate

    I've just taken on a client and according to Google analytics the bounce rate for his eCommerce site is 1.5% and has never been above 5% in the last two years.

    Now I can't believe that is true! Has anyone ever come across something like this before. A possible error in Analytics set up?

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    I REALLY doubt it....Its too good to be true.

    The lowest bounce rate i have seen is 18% never seen anything less than that.

    Maybe he is selling something very very niche or his Google Analytics is messed up...but either ways 1.5% bounce rate sounds impossible.

    1.5% bounce rate = Al-Qaeda winning the Nobel peace prize

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    • PhilipSEO agrees : I've seen a bit less, not very much.
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    Found the answer (for anyone who stumbles on this thread):

    Google Groups

    It wasn't actually this but it was an incorrect set up of Analytics.
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    I have also seen a low bounce rate for a site only to find out that the coinciding amount of visits & traffic was low as well. First thought was that it was very niche or specific keyterms. Wound up that the analytics code was stripped from most of the website pages as you found.

    I would have turned that campaign back over to whomever was doing it prior if 1.5% bounce rate was accurate. In fact, I would be calling that person day in and day out...lol Glad you found the issue though.
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