I currently have a site thats converting circa 30% of all visitors to enquiry on a broad, informational 35k/month keyword.

However, I can't help but feel the directness and strong call-to-actions of the entry page puts a lot of customers off. There is a great deal of useful info on the site to satisfy the general surfer but its below the fold and using my visitor recording software, the people who leave tend not to go below the fold.

The conversion rate is great news, when I phone my customers they are very happy at my sites usability but I do get a lot of visitors (35%) spending <30 seconds on the site.

Is this to be expected from an informational keyword?

i.e. a lot of people are just researching and want a more informationally stacked site.

I am very happy converting 30% of the visitors but come the time when Google ups their interest in user behaviour, am I going to become unstuck?

Do other people have sites with this pattern of behaviour?

What's a decent bounce rate for a broad keyword?

Is 30% all that great?

I'm sure I could get people to stay a lot longer but judging by all I've read on conversions, that would be at the expense of the enquiries.

Your perspective would be appreciated!