Five Types of Permission-Based Affiliate Email Lists Diana Roderick (Source Lists)
First Type: Pre-Affiliate Launch Email Alert List
When to use: Before your affiliate program gets launched. Maybe today you are thinking that your company will be launching an affiliate program in the near or distant future. Create an affiliate alert launch list that allows potential affiliates to indicate to you that they are interested in joining or finding out more about your affiliate program when you officially launch it.
I did this recently. 15 months ago. I had 1,600+ members who all double opt'd in to be notified via email the moment my program launched. End result for my 1,600 member pre-affiliate launch list: 147 applications to sell my products (that I didn't even tell them what it was yet), and I accepted 70 of them as meeting my ideal affiliate profile. Do you have any idea how much time it would take me to create and identify 70 qualified affiliates any other way?
Second Type: Approved Affiliate Email Relationship Building List
When to use: This is your primary email relationship building and communication tool. Your minimum emailing frequency should be once every 3-6 weeks. During a product launch or re-launch cycle, you'll want to mail almost daily or every other day leading up to the release date of your new product or service.
Third Type: Segmented Affiliate Mailings
If you have more than one product line or you serve more than one geographic, demographic, or any other type of ideal client or product - reach out to the segments of your affiliate base with a more targeted mailing to encourage either more participation or other insider tips how to sell more of a specific type of your products to a specific segment of the market.
Example: If you are trying to increase your penetration in sales from non-USA-based affiliates, send a targeted mailing to your International affiliates giving them either a contest or additional encouragement to promote your products and services.
Fourth Type: VIP Affiliate Mailings
All affiliates are not created equal. There will always be top affiliates or "super affiliates" that out-sell the other 80-90% of your affiliate pool.
Perhaps you even pay these VIP affiliates a higher commission rate. Super affiliates almost always have one thing in common: There is a barrage of attention for their attention because they have a proven history of getting results when doing affiliate promotions. This means you must do something MORE for them than treat them like a normal approved affiliate of yours.
Fifth Type: Sequenced Training Emails For Affiliates
All new affiliates should receive a series of time-delayed or sequenced emails that introduce them to your products and train them how to best represent you, your message or brand, and your products.
Important Note: Be sure to include in your affiliate program terms of service that your affiliates must agree to receive transactional commercial emails from you in regards to their participation as an approved affiliate of yours.
Lastly, it's assumed that: Your affiliate software already notifies your affiliates via email every single time they make a sale and every time pay-day comes around. If you don't do this, you are missing an opportunity to motivate your affiliates and provide them with instant feedback about the success of their campaigns to promote you.