Hello All,

Iíve been doing some online marketing for my husband and my online Real Estate Investment Listing site but have not been receiving the traffic I was hoping for. That being said we have been looking at other creative marketing strategies. We have heard that posting ads on craigslist is extremely successful in bringing your site traffic if you can get past the system change issues. So, we signed up and went onto craigslist to see what other ads we could find. We really just wanted to get an idea of what type of businesses were having ads posted on craigslist. We found that there were quite a few and even ran across an ad from a craigslist ad posting company. Getting to the pointÖ.

One of my questions to this forum is: Have any of you had any experience with posting ads on craigslist?

If you have had experience with posting ads or having ads posted; what was your success rate?

Also, I contacted this craigslist posting company in order to get some information about the services they could provide. Iím not sure how hard it really is to perform these functions within craigslist so can someone tell me how hard it is to post ads on craigslist that may contain images, & links? Also, they emphasized about the fact that they were able to do this without being ghosted. What is ghosting???

At any rate, I have been trying to locate some reviews on this posting company because it seems that you can get up to a couple thousand posting for a pretty reasonable price, but Iíve not been successful and they donít seem to have a website. Has anyone ever heard of Auto CL Posters???

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Melissa Thomas