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    Clothing eCommerce Store - Affiliate Program


    I recently started an eCommerce clothing store for women and children apparel named Timilar, I've listed some of the products, while dozens of products are yet to be listed. However, as I move on, I thought it'd be better if I consult from some of the industry experts to guide me on how the eCommerce thing would work better for me. Before I move on to everything, I think I should give a brief information about the background of my company so you people may be able to give me a better and accurate advice.

    I am from Pakistan and there was a small clothing manufacturer around me. The cheap labor with lack of expertise in designing were making some traditional clothing. So I had this idea to make good use of the cheap labour (as one USD is equal to 100 PKR, so the labor comes very cheap, so does the raw material).
    What I did was that, I hired a few dress designers and textile industry consultant and asked them on how I can make good use of the labor available. Long story short, they guided the skilled women and they came up with some good products, which were pretty cheap over all. While those products sell fine here, but I want to take it to the next level and sell those products in US, UK, Europe, Australia and other such countries.

    The eCommerce Store
    I bought timilar.com and started an ecommerce store for the products. And I have in total around a 100 different products at the moment.

    Clueless on how to proceed
    Here comes my real problem. I am from Pakistan and I am unable to access eBay or Amazon, in other words, I cannot sell my products on these sites, my only option is to sell goods through my own store.

    To increase my sales option, I decided to come up with an affiliate program. I am now offering a flat 10% affiliate commission on every sale made. A sale of $150 dress would get you a flat $15.

    Now my question is, is there some way I can like list my site in the affiliate sites? Like sites where people go looking for best affiliate option?

    Need help. I also have very great wholesale offers for clothing outlets and Amazon/eBay sellers (because I cannot sell on ebay and amazon myself as my country is not supported) as I plan to act like a supplier for clothing stores as I have access to cheap labour,material and expertise in the field.

    Please guide me!
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    First of all, credit to you for your website design, it's a really nice design.

    Your shipping being $20 is going to scare away so many customers, that's also per product. What're you seeing with order size/value?

    Try get listed on somewhere like: CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction) for your affiliate program. They'll take a cut but they'll put you infront of some of the best affiliates out there.

    Send me a pm, there's a few things on your site I can do to help you out a bit.
    Always happy to help in private message. | Learn about my latest project Can You Get Automated Pages To Rank In Google?
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    Agree with Thomas about shipping price. Try to find as many sites as you can that has published any affiliate programs and try to get yourself there.

    Shouldn't be a problem to find these website. There are loads on internet, including blog posts, forum, etc.
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    Pros: Congratulations on part of the design. It's nice, but it spreads the focus on your site at the homepage. You'll need to create focused LANDING PAGES.

    Cons: You need to work on speeding up your site, making menus more clear-contrast, etc.

    Now let's cut the butter:

    Originally Posted by CaptainHappyMeal
    Clueless on how to proceed
    ... my only option is to sell goods through my own store....
    And it's your best option, btw.

    Originally Posted by CaptainHappyMeal
    ... I decided to come up with an affiliate program. I am now offering a flat 10% affiliate commission on every sale made.
    Affiliates don't use to work with such a short margin. You should work on your prices and margins to give them much more. I mean...

    Affiliates work as both: salesman, and backlinks/pagerank generators. Besides all the brand marketing and social media marketing you'll get. Look at Rayban. They don't sell in their main webpage... but they have an amazing amount of visits. Huge amount.

    1) Keep your prices on your website if you can:
    2) Give at least 30% margin to affiliates. That way you'll bring more interest of becoming affiliate. Even if you end up winning 10-15% yourself (or less). Thing BIG. If you don't have this margin, increase prices until you do.
    3) Include shipping in prices.
    4) If you can afford to do so... LOWER your prices all you can while you still get 40-50% margin (-30% for affiliates will give you 10-20%. More than enough).


    - Find better and cheaper delivery sistems.
    - Find an european partner to ship your merchandise to... and to serve goods as a dropshipper to everyone who buys (now working with european delivery companies).
    - Try to reduce your delivery average time under 48h.

    Good luck ;). And wellcome to our market.
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    You might also want to consider selling wholesale to FBA and Ebay sellers


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