After reading the info on adsense websites at, I found the offer too good to be true/ They say you can get 237 adsense websites for $49.99 and and no hosting cost for a year. I looked over this site and could not find out if once the year ends if you have to pay hosting for 237 sites. My vision is not that good occupationally I miss stuff on a website especially if it cluttered up so if you look over this site and find the answer to my question please let me know what the deal on this is

I do well with adsesse on my site so why would anyone with a site want a adsense site don't those sites take the same effort to get As it is I so on a lot of time doing things like article writing and submission and so on. I am not sure I want to have another site to promote. You thoughts are welcome. I would like to see a actual adsense site so if you know of one please give it to me